Artifacts & Artist Ephemera

Much of this website is organized chronologically, to display the artworks of Gladys Barker Grauer, and in order to create a through-line for viewers, from the plastic weaving artworks she created throughout the 2010’s all the way back to her lithographs from the 1940’s. 

The ephemera and artifacts section allows us to share works-in-progress, various sketches and artwork plans, experimental collage and print artworks, as well as holiday and commemorative cards.  And even as we chose to display these works on paper separate from Grauer’s other more “finished” artworks, her point of view and her artistic and socio-political interests are obviously present in each of these objects. Perhaps more than anything, unity is the through-line evident in much of her artwork ephemera: unity between artists, unity across faiths, and unity of different people towards a more just and less violent world.

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